Tuesday, January 31, 2006


This is Debbie Kumagai. She works with her boyfriend, Bob, and Patrick at Angelo's Jewelry and Loan Company in Santa Monica. It's a pawnshop. I immediately got a comfortable and friendly vibe when I walked into Angelo's with my relatives and son yesterday, an unusual feeling since so many pawnshops pay attention to you only when a transaction is imminent. Angelo's is a Ray Bradbury-esque curio shop where the wealthy, impoverished, eccentric, and the completely insane come and go with a breezy casualness. You will not find a lot of flashy gold jewelry or expensive watches here but things like keys, medallions, costume jewelry and class rings are displayed like worn treasures from long ago. For a collector like me Angelo's is captivating because it's all within reach. And here's the weirdest part. I found out that Debbie's aunt is the woman I've been working across the aisle from at my job in Huntington Beach.


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