Friday, January 20, 2006

A Field Trip

Originally, I expected to visit the Art Center, next week. But one thing led to another and I ended up having an interesting conversation with Jean Swift, Director of Corporate Relations at the Pasadena campus. I took a picture of her on the bridge/main building that straddles a road that goes under the structure in a cool art centery way. I hope to have the students and faculty work with us to come up with similarly fresh new ideas about how we look at information. The universe does not revolve around the earth and neither should corporate america revolve around PowerPoint or any of those tired old office products. Hopefully Jean and the corporate powers that be and I will be able to make this a reality. Just like those Washington Mutual commercials where people shake the hands of the bank officials and walk out upright, full of inspiration, so did I walk out of the Art Center fully energized, ready to transform the world. Then I had lunch with Elizabeth at a Thai restaurant and calmed down a bit. Duck noodle soup can be so soothing. Elizabeth had chicken with mint leaf, there is a spicy chicken in the middle and my duck soup is in the foreground.


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