Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Don't Worry Humpty!

This is basically our concept for the egg drop contest (see feb. 7th post - Geek Week). We are packing eight eggs into carved out floral foam (what floral arrangements are poked into) cells with a lining of Floam, that gooey glop of styrofoam granules and what is suspiciously similar to Gack. If you're wondering why we are dropping only eight eggs instead of the thirty - five we did last year it's because they have limited the volume to six inches on a side instead of a foot or 216 cubic inches, 1/8th the volume. So we are actually more efficient than last year. Everything fits snugly into the shipping tube so that there's no unnecessary collisions on impact. There are fins to keep the tube stable and vertical on it's descent, and a floral foam nose cone that will crush and decelerate the tube as it lands. I have omitted the baggies that will individually encase each cell (a contest rule) and postal tape to hold the cell halves together and also the caps on the tube ends. Wish our team luck. It's at 11:30am pst. Go Humpty's Heroes!


Anonymous cuzzin said...

go humpty's! would that the orbiter were as well protected....

4:50 PM  
Blogger Matterhorn1959 said...

Best of luck to what is the best egg drop team...go Humpty's Heroes!

5:51 PM  

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