Thursday, February 16, 2006

Extra Extra Extra! We Sorta Lost and Sorta Won Hell I Don't Know

It was bittersweet. I don't know whether we won or lost. You tell me. I was the team leader of our egg droppers, that I know. We come from two departments. We had to divide people into three teams because five was the team size limit and we had more, so Humpty's Heroes, Ovo-Team, and Not a Crack Team were hatched. We arbitrarily assigned people as placeholders to keep the teams legit but in our hearts we were as one. We collaborated, we shared resources, we synergized, we were team players, corporate citizens. But we also began to drift, to derive variations. By contest day I felt like a Humpty Hero, period. So, at noon, when the eggs were dropped the Heroes had one broken egg out of eight, Not a Crack six of eight, and Ovo had fourteen of fourteen perfect uncracked eggs. The other entries (there were ten others) never seriously challenged the fourteen number but I must give them credit for creativity, like the stack of egg filled Coors cans, or the dragonfly with egg stuffed foamy thorax and abdomen, or the soccer ball o' eggs which, upon impact, sounded like someone saying, "Boof!" after getting slugged in the belly. As team leader it was a department victory but an empty one for a Humpty Hero.


Anonymous cuzzin said...

i feel for you and the humpty heroes. but that dragonfly must have been something to see. bbbuuuzzzzz-splat. krewl...(sob)

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