Tuesday, February 07, 2006

It's Geek Week

Otherwise known as Engineering Week, many tech companies celebrate by having games like engineering themed jeopardy, lectures by distinguished speakers, and competive events like the egg drop contest. I am signed up once again to participate in the egg drop contest. Last year I co-captained the winning team, Humpty's Heroes. We dropped thirty five eggs from a height of fifty feet onto an asphalt surface insulated with floral and curable polyurethane foam inside a one foot square cardboard box. None broke. The rule then was that the total allowable volume was one foot square. The highest percentage of unbroken eggs wins, so if 1 egg is dropped and it doesn't break it beats three eggs dropped with one broken. but if an entry with more than one lands with no unbroken eggs, it wins. The closest one to us was something like ten or eleven eggs with one broken. To avert another one -sided victory upon the playing field the rules committee have modified the rules to exclude our technical innovations from last year. Tomorrow we will begin development testing of some new concepts.


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