Monday, February 13, 2006

Mall Rats

Hello glowing eyes in the internet forest. It was a busy weekend. A funeral for a friend's mother, keeping up with Anne at the Century City/Westfield mall on Saturday afternoon, and a day with the family in Santa Monica on Sunday. We are in the Santa Monica Place Mall designed by Frank Gehry, slated to be razed for a condo/office/shopping development within the next couple years. Frank Gehry's use of pedestrian construction materials in the mall such as chain link fencing, metal grating, and exposed metal beams looked great when it was new in the seventies (I may be mistaken on the timeframe) especially with it's ocean view. Now it reminds me of a tired amusement park. Unorthodox materials and hip design often do not age well. Thanks to the adjacent 3rd Street Promenade it still remains a great place to people watch.


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