Monday, February 27, 2006

Meet Victor

Victor lives one block east of me on West Blvd. We've been friends for many years. He is a chiropractor who also practices energetics, an ancient form of healing. We have plenty of discussions on that. We had lunch at Natalee Thai because the Indonesian restaurant in Palms was closed today. We talked about toys, string theory and Michio Kaku, whom Victor knew back in the day and said was a super friendly, super genius type guy. There was a lot of catching up to do as I hadn't been by his place in months. He's got a ponytail now and damned if he doesn't remind me of Sadao Watanabe. He also visited Japan last year and took some breathtaking pictures of Shimizu where many of his cousins still live. He took this one of a tea plantation near his relatives home. I didn't know he was so talented.


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