Thursday, February 02, 2006

What's In YOUR Bookcase?

As a reflection of who we are as a family look at our bookcases. Like this one. An autographed portrait of Ray Bradbury (For Ed Ito at Christmas 1970!), handpicked insects from the Natural History Museum's annual Insect Fair. Puzzles, toy cars, Barbies, bobblehead of Rev. Mas, japanese ball toys (a personal favorite), and, of course, the books. Cookboooks, photography collections, etiquette, fiction, yearbooks, math (not too popular), wind up toys (not a book but I just noticed them). This bookcase is always evolving. Things picked out, looked at, put back. New stuff carefully placed so an avalanche doesn't occur, and old stuff thrown away (rarely). There are bookcases and cabinets cluttered with our archaeology that becomes a problem when people come over and we wonder if they think we're messy, which we are. But a thousand years from now when it is accidentally uncovered by a lucky dig they will say, "Now this culture was happy."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow! take those bookshelves times 10 and that's how my room looks like...but with yarn instead!

- lily

10:53 AM  

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