Friday, February 10, 2006

When Reality Bites, Daydream

I’m not going to talk about eggs today. Gotta stop obsessing about those damn eggs. It’s hard making them go away in my head.

It felt like a school day when I got to work. You know what I mean, hazy, cool, the building off in the distance, people strolling in, staring down bundled in their thoughts, an indeterminate melancholy in my gut. If I smelled oatmeal cookies coming from the cafeteria I would’ve instinctively started worrying about my report card, performance review, Mrs. Miles and Algebra II, whatever. What is on my mind is my sidecar plan, one of the last dreams shared by my dad and myself, the dream of riding the perfect sidecar combo, the BMW cruiser attached to an octagonal Steib sidecar. I’ve been thinking about it for at least thirty five or forty years. Maybe it was the weather that triggered it today, the thought of a morning ride up the coast, the open feeling of being on a bike, of being with a passenger seated comfortably alongside of me. But I cannot resist thinking that the stars are beginning to align in favor of this happening. Buy the bike, a BMW 1200C, I don’t know where, yet. Buy the sidecar in Washington State at Dauntless Motors. Get them joined up. Ride the hack back down the coast with Anne in this our fifty-fifth year.


Anonymous Cuzzin said...

love the visual. anne in the sidecar with a big hat, goggles, white gloves--but NO isadora duncan scarf pls. reality might be less so, a schwarzenegger moment?

5:00 PM  

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