Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Fridge

Neat freaks, there's still plenty of room in here for storage. Yes, I have stuff way in back that needs to be tossed but most of what's in here is pretty fresh. Like bookcases, you can tell quite a bit about someone by the contents of their refrigerator. I like food. The orange tub on the top shelf is Pavilion's tomato soup. It's the best. Just to the left is a small dish of tobiko, flying fish roe from Nijiya Market, a caviar that is similar to salmon roe in taste but its granular and feels like you're eating mini fish flavored bubblewrap. Recognize the blue bottle of Soy Vay Teriyaki sauce in the top right corner? Or the asian pear in its distinctive knitted styrofoam sweater? Land o Lakes butter because its small cross section fits the glass butter dish. Anne's Benecol butter substitute. Sriracha sauce - who can be without that? Fresh squeezed Bristol Farms orange juice, yum. White miso in the squarish tupperware. Plastic bag of pre-peeled garlic from the Korean supermarket. And tons of stuff you would never see in this pic. So, what's your fridge like?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

looks like my fridge...probably smells bad too...2D68

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