Tuesday, March 14, 2006

It's Like Traffic School All Over Again

It was "Recommittment to Ethics Day" at Boeing. That means two hours of speeches by the CEO, Senior VPs of Communication, the Office of Internal Governance, Ethics, a Medal of Honor recipient, testimonials and case studies. Somebody exercised bad judgement a few years ago and the company was banned from bidding on military contracts as a result. We were penitent. Ethics Day was born! It was fours hours long back then. With final exams! So, two hours of lectures isn't too bad. It's like an Ethics booster shot. For me the best part is the testimonials. Hey, do I know that guy? Or, I know where they filmed that! When the program is over you get your badge scanned for credit. But my attention span hasn't stretched much since elementary school so about halfway through, my mind started to drift. I daydreamed about riding the coolest folding bike I've ever seen, the Strida3. Check out the price. I can't believe it!


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