Monday, March 20, 2006

The Weekend

Ok, the picture inserter is not working again so use your imagination. On Saturday, my socialble cousin, Jayne, organized a luncheon for the rest of us cousins at Ocean Star Restaurant in Monterey Park. There were sixteen cousins, kids, spouses, and friends. Besides the usual fare of char shiu bao, shiu mai and har gow we had delicacies like duck tongue and stewed tripe. I'll let you google the names of those goodies if you care to know. As you may suspect, Cantonese cuisine spans the spectrum of all that is edible. If it sprouted, crawled, ran, waddled, or slithered, it was cooked and eaten. We didn't even scratch the surface of the choices available to us that day.

On Sunday, we spent the entire day in the gym at Cal State Dominguez Hills attending the 55th Anniversary Gardena Judo Dojo Tournament. Doug lost but to just fight opponents in the 195lb senior division (18 and over) takes courage. Good job, Doug.


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