Thursday, July 13, 2006

Shifting into Lego Thought

I've been wondering how to get away from describing processes in our tech world in terms of those damned flowcharts. So, I asked my director for $100, chipped in some of my own money and sent the bright, fresh, Berkeley intern to the Lego store in Downtown Disney to get an assortment of generic pieces. We are brainstorming on new ways to describe how things get done around here. Perry had some extra bucks leftover so I had him get a box of people. I didn't realize until I began putting them together that(correct me if I'm wrong)- ALL Lego people are yellow skinned! Whoa! I know, some of you are thinking, "What about gear shift head?" Well, he's masked, ok? And do you want to claim a Lego pinhead as one of your own? Be my guest. Anyway, the people that come in the box are unlike those I have scavenged from previous sets. They're regular working class stiffs in suits and uniforms fitting their jobs - construction, medicine, hospitality, even skaters and scuba divers with removeable fins. No pirates or spacemen with ray guns. It's hard to resist breaking away from building engineering process blocks and setting up a gang war between the uppity asian medical staff and blue suited asian lesbos. Sorry, but mixing and matching are what Legos are all about.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you mean Brian's intern?

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