Friday, August 11, 2006


Hello, thumbheaders. This is Perry, the intern who's returning to Berkeley after spending part of his summer "working" with us. Looks happy, doesn't he? Wouldn't you if you knew you were getting paid relatively well to design Lego models of engineering processes (guffaw guffaw) while your classmates were coming home with paper hats and hair smelling like french fries?? But I'm sure he isn't the type to rub it in (Hey Cho-Dawg - here's some paper money - treat yourself to some shampoo!! Bwahahahah!!). Yet. He also worked on other things but not wanting to turn this into a bedtime story, I won't go into it. I'd love to show the models he created but they're locked up, much too valuable to display. But I'll show them when I can. Anyway, good luck Perry and I hope to see you next year!


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